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About Fishery Finance UK


Fishery Finance UK are Commercial Finance Brokers specialising in the funding of UK-based fisheries and fishing related businesses.

• Fishery Finance UK is a division of Arnold Commercial Finance Ltd, established in 1990 and founder members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB)

• Headed by Chris Arnold ACIB, Managing Director with 13 years experience in the banking industry and 29 years in commercial finance broking

• Chris was the Founder President of the NACFB, chairing the association in 1993 and 1994

• We have arranged finance for fisheries on over 120 occasions.

Why Fisheries?

• Chris has been a keen coarse angler since childhood and has been involved with fishery management and marine tropical fish-keeping himself

• Before commencing a career in banking, he was employed in the fishing tackle trade

• By combining his professional skills developed in banking and commercial finance broking with his lifelong passion for fishing, Chris is ideally placed to advise fishery owners and prospective fishery purchasers. All fisheries on the 'Where to Fish' section of this website are clients we have successfully funded.
The Tactics to Successfully Fund Fisheries

Essentially the same as fishing!

Look for Signs of Activity

When Fishery Finance UK initially became involved in raising fishery finance, it was apparent that there was little appetite from lenders to provide support as none had a specific lending policy within this sector.

Fishery Finance UK therefore approached carefully selected contacts of active lenders with whom there was already an established professional relationship and persuaded them to include fisheries under certain lending policy guidelines relating to other sectors. It has been a long-term process to develop their receptiveness.
Getting your Presentation Right

The style of presentation is crucial (yes - so tempted here to say crucian!) in order to attract the right lender and knowing where to present it is just as important.

Casting any presentation into a pool of general lenders who have never seen a fishery proposition can be frustrating. All anglers have blanked on occasions and already know that feeling!!

Regular Feeding

The "regular and often" method has worked when it comes to the funding of fisheries. Regular feeding of viable fishery propositions to specific parts of carefully selected lenders has meant that over time they have become accustomed to, and are now happily accepting our offerings.

Hooking a Lender

Present an application to a lender accustomed to funding fisheries and in the format required. Fishery Finance UK can do this for you.

Playing a Lender

Nowhere in any financial presentation written by Fishery Finance UK will you see a request for a specific interest rate.

We prefer to let the lenders do all their work in the first instance and negotiate terms afterwards. This way the most competitive lending package is achieved.

Landing Technique

As no fishery we have so far funded has failed, these lenders are now experienced with and well disposed towards fisheries.

We are aware of which firms of surveyors are acceptable to our regular lenders and who are also capable of valuing a fishery which, again, takes specialist knowledge.

Do we know what we are doing?

You could always ask fishery owners for whom we have already successfully raised finance - some of these are listed on the "Where to Fish" page of our website.

Fishery Purchase

The existing and projected takings from the fishery plus outside income are included in our presentations to demonstrate the viability of a particular project to lenders.

Fishery Refinance

The financial structure of existing fisheries is often fragmented as lenders do not have a specific policy towards fisheries and consequently fishery owners have had to raise finance personally to fund working capital. We could save you money by refinancing with one lender.
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